Mapex Armoury Full Drum kit w/ HW + Cases



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Mapex Armory Drum Set Package I am looking to get rid of a gigging kit of mine which I bought brand new 3 years ago. This kit has only been used for a handful of gigs and otherwise has sat in my rehearsal space untouched. Includes: Mapex Armory Drum shells: 22 “X 18”, 12 “X 9”, 16 “X 16” Armory Tomahawk Snare Drum: 14 “X 5.5” Sabian AAX Studio Hats 14 “Zildjian K Prototype X-Thin Crash 17” Zildjian A Custom Anniversary Limited Edition Ride 21 “Selling with all the hardware, kick pedal, and throne. Also selling with cases for everything

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Größe der Bass Drum

22“ = 55,88 cm

Größe der Toms

12" = 30,50cm

Größe der Snare

14" 35,5cm


Birch/Birke, Maple/Ahorn



Farbe der Kessel

Farbe Kesselhardware Chrom, Inkl. Becken Ja, Inkl. Hardware Ja, Inkl. Hocker Ja, Inkl. Snaredrum Ja

Galgenbeckenständer (Anzahl) 2
gerader Beckenständer (Anzahl) 0
Hi-Hat Maschine (Anzahl) 1
Snare Drum Ständer (Anzahl) 2
Einzelpedal (Anzahl) 1
Doppelfussmaschine (Anzahl) 0
Schlagzeughocker (Anzahl) 1
Cowbell (Anzahl) 0
Stative (Anzahl) 0
Hi-Hat (Welche Größe und Marke?) 14" Sabian AAx Studio Hats
Crash (Welche Größe und Marke?) Zildjian K Prototype X-Thin Crash 17"
Ride (Welche Größe und Marke?) Zildjian A Custom Anniversary Limited Edition Ride 21"
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Ort Berlin
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